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Way of seeing


Way of seeing, 2009,video still

Way of Seeing, 2009

dual channel video, colour, silent

extract duration 2’33”

original duration 6’27”

This work is inspired by Hilary Lawson’s first video paintings in attempt to escape the limitations of the traditional video narrative. Video paintings are filmed in a single take with a stationary camera. It provides a different way of seeing this world in the real time Without editing or subsequent manipulation, the single frame shot aims to escape our cultural and perceptual closures, freeing the viewer to play in the openness of the image.       Each of these two screens was filmed in a long single shot. The image of the moving clouds on the left screen presents a concept of “abstract”. In some way it looks like Chinese ink painting. Clouds are like ink being rendering on the rice paper. Movement creates expectation and variety. Two screens were filmed close-up shot observing the interesting continuous changing in the sky and seeing the every moment in a real time.

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