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早期我的作品受到Alice Neel,Marlene Dumas的影響,讓我對人物畫產生很大的著迷,開始仔細研讀人的細部,表情裡的情緒、肢體,自2003年起我用攝影機取代畫筆,開始錄像創作。我早期的錄像作品Numbers、Gaze/Parents、Gaze/Mother、Strangers in the Strange Land…..都是運用特寫鏡頭來研讀人的情緒跟困境,透過這樣的鏡頭運用,我練習跟自己的過去對話,以及我跟外在世界的關係,在心理的層面上有很大的解放。我也嘗試其他媒材創作人像,像是磁磚、鐵絲和拍立得。






Inspired by Alice Neel and Marlene Dumas, I became fascinated with portraiture. Since 2003, portraiture has been the main research subject for me. My work involves video and interaction, sometimes even incorporating body art and personally taking part in actions. The relationship between my work and me is a journey of self-identification and liberation. I have also been experimenting with different media, including painting, drawing, video, film and photography, as they have provided various ways to explore the density of portraiture and to study people as well as myself. 


Most of my works can be described as “psycho-objects”, which accentuate their heightened emotional export. I try to find the most suitable medium to deliver the visual messages that I hope to convey. As such I recruit a wide range of materials such as wires, tiles and polaroid, and dialoguing with the medium is an important part of my creative process. 


The year 2012 more or less marks a dividing line between my former works and the mixed media sculptures that I currently work on. Using discarded wooden products and drawing from my personal antique collection, combined with sewing and carpentry, I try to strip down the functional existence of the original object, and bring together the components to form a new state that describes the reorganized relationship between the objects and myself. Egg boxes, garlic bags, family members’ boxers....I use constituents of my daily routines to depict my life. The artwork represents my genuine feelings and the process of me dialoguing with the external world, including private and social spheres. 

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