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Number, 2007, video still


Super 8 film transfered to DVD, colour and black & white, sound

extract duration 0’30”

original duration 3’08”

Mandarin with number subtitle


Film Camera by Richard Bevan and Aishan Yu

Numbers, is an experimental short film that the artist did in February 2007. She filmed with a super 8 camera to the protagonist that was wrapped by either cling film or bandage. As for seeing a photo a Jew had a number tattooed on his arm. It was his ID number in a German concentration camp. She contemplated: what are the numbers that are important or unforgettable to her? In this film, She wrapped herself with cling film and bandage, and tried to release herself from them; at the same time she kept reciting a series of numbers. Some of them are dates on which certain disastrous events occurred to her family that affected her, some even changed her life. . She used cling film and bandage to depict the different effects those events had on her at different time points, how they made her feel asphyxic, and how desiring she was to be set free from those memories. By keeping reciting numbers while struggling her way out with no explanation, she wants to strike the viewers and make them think about what numbers are to them more than just numbers. This film is a personal approach to self-liberation. Performance is central to most of her films during the last 2 years, the presence of the figure being conveyed as much as her images as her body used. Filming herself in most of her recent work, her oeuvre emphasized performance as a generative process where self is in a state of becoming, a process of self-review. The 4th Annual ATA Film & Video Festival, San Francisco, CA, USA Large-Scale window installation from 21-23 October screen NUMBERS Art Video Screening, Örebro, Sweden 17 October, 2009 at Bio Roxy Screen 2009, program 3 screen NUMBERS Electroprojections 2009, Newcastle, Australia Electro-projections 1: Condensed Histories Friday 2nd October, 2008 - 6:00pm – 7:00pm, Playhouse Theatrette screen NUMBERS at Playhouse Theatrette Electro-projections 2: Expanded Istants Saturday 3rd October, 2009 - 6:00pm – 7:00pm screen GAZE/MOTHER at Playhouse Theatrette Détours, Santorini Super 8 Film Festival 2009, Santorini, Greece at 9:45pm and 10:15pm, Empty Square, Saturday 11 July,2009 screen NUMBERS, 3’08” Festival Miden 2009, Kalamata, Greece Saturday 11 July 2009 Screening A Unit 2 screen NUMBERS, 3’08” Sunday 12 July 2009 Screening B Unit 1 screen TRACE, 5’42” included in Cologne OFF: Here We Are! Programme

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